Lure Coursing is a great sport for dogs with drive!

The lure course is a loop that finishes near the starting point. The course is designed by placing small pulleys around a field in a pattern meant to resemble the route prey might take when pursued by hounds, so there may be several corners on a course. Usually, a continuous loop of braided string is pulled around the pulleys by a wheel attached to a motor, and the lure itself is a piece of white plastic bag and a real fur (rabbit pelt or fox tail to name a couple furs).

An experienced lure operator can control the lure so as to simulate escaping game and keep it just out of reach of your dog to keep the dog's interest. The dog must stay engaged in the pursuit and finish the course in order to qualify. Dogs may lose sight of the lure but as long as they keep searching for it and find it to finish the course they should qualify. The starting point is also the finishing point so dogs running away is not generally an issue as the dogs are so focused on the lure that you have plenty of time to leash them.

What a fun sport to try with your dogge!  This is a new sport for us and we LOVE it, Frankie is our super star right now, she corners like she's on rails and has even managed to place in the top 3 in real competitions!

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